We are always looking for volunteers for our events. Here are some ways you can help. You can find dates for the next events on our Facebook Page.

Spay and Neuter Clinic -- Every January CAP holds a 2-day clinic in San Joaquin together with La Fondation Aide Vétérinaire, from Montreal, Canada. The clinics always need helpers and food donations to feed the vet, vet techs and helpers for the 2 days. Find out when our next clinic is here.

Fund Raising -- CAP does a lot of fund raising through the year. You can help by volunteering, or participating, at any of our events, such at bingo and our fun sing-a-long cocktail party. Find out when our next fundraising event is here.

Education Clinic -- Since we have the children bring along their dog for the mini training session, we need helpers to puppy-sit while half the class is doing the education section. If you’d like to help out, find out when our next clinic is here.

Foster -- CAP foster parents provide temporary homes for homeless pets. While this requires a significant commitment, we only ask for a little corner of your home or yard, but most importantly, your time and love. Without fosters we can not rescue! Learn more about fostering for CAP.

Please see our Facebook Page

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