Strays and Fosters

Policy Statement: Strays and Fosters

It is the policy of the Corozal Animal Program (here afterwards known as CAP) to help, given financial and staffing constraints, find temporary homes for animals in need of assistance.


All calls regarding stray animals or animals in need of foster will be referred to the Coordinator of Foster and Strays.

The Coordinator shall determine, based upon a variety of factors, if the animal meets the criteria for care. These factors include, but are not limited to: aggressiveness of animal, animal’s current situation (are they puppies without a mother, a known street dog, someone just wanting to get rid of their current pet?)

Based upon the information available, as well as current budget and staffing situation, the Coordinator shall make a decision as to whether we shall accept the animal(s) for foster.

The Coordinator shall ask the person referring (here afterwards called the referee) if fostering is an option for them. Under such circumstances, CAP will provide necessary medical care and neutering services. The individual must meet and sign the guidelines for foster services.

If the referee cannot foster, the Coordinator will try to locate other foster services via social media, our list of foster homes or other means as they develop

If there are no foster homes available, the Coordinator will decline to accept the foster.

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