Tax deductible for the U.S.

  • Mail a check made out to the Belize Economic and Ecological Development Fund (BEED)
    Send to
    1401 West Sage Street
    Tucson, AZ 85704
    Put Corozal Animal Program on the check
  • Send a Paypal donation to
    Make a notation that it is for the Corozal Animal Program

Non tax deductible

  • Donate on our spay/neuter clinic GoFundMe Page
  • Mail a check made out to Corozal Animal Program. Send to
    P.O. Box 371
    Corozal, Belize
  • Send a Paypal donation to and opt not to pay the Paypal fee.
  • If you live in Corozal, you can put money in our donation box at Mama Lowe’s, opposite Scotia Bank.

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