Tax deductible for the U.S. over $100

  • Mail a check made out to the Belize Economic and Ecological Development Fund, or BEED Fund for short.
    Send to
    1401 West Sage Street
    Tucson, AZ 85704
    Put Corozal Animal Program on the check
  • Send a Paypal donation to
    Make a notation that it is for the Corozal Animal Program

Non tax deductible (any amount)

  • Mail a check made out to Corozal Animal Program. Send to
    P.O. Box 371
    Corozal Town
  • Wire money to our account at Atlantic Bank. Please email or message us on Facebook to get account and routing information.
  • Send a Paypal donation to
  • If you live in Corozal, you can put money in our donation box at Mama Lowe’s, opposite Scotia Bank.
  • Corozal Animal Program GoFundMe Page
  • Give cash to a board member.

Please see our Facebook Page

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