Adopt a Pet

Dogs and cats can live up to 20 years so adopting a pet is a big responsibility. Please take this into consideration before adopting any of CAP’s fosters.

Here are some procedures for adopting an animal.

  1. Inspection
    • CAP will do an inspection to ensure the adoption parent has an appropriate home for the animal.
    • The animal must be in a fenced yard and not be chained.
    • Ideally the animal should be kept inside, but if it is to be kept outside, it must have shelter.
  2. Ongoing care
    • The adoption parent will provide basic care of feeding, water, shelter and love.
    • The adoption parent agrees to take the animal for its shots, worm the animal and follow the vet’s instructions.
    • The adoption parent agrees to get the animal fixed. Boys at 4 months, girls at 5 months.
    • The adoption parent agrees to give the dog heartworm medicine each month.

An adoption parent is NOT allowed to give an animal away. If you can no longer adopt contact us.

CAP encourages communication and we are here to make your adopting experience a pleasant one. Please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Adoption Agreement (to print out)

If you are considering adopting, please email us at or send a message to CAP’s Facebook Page.


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