Animal Abuse

The police are now tracking animal abuse to make sure it is taken care of properly.

To report animal abuse in Corozal:

  • Call the police at 911 or 402-0022 and tell them you want to make a report of animal abuse.
  • Give them the details of the abuse, and where it is located. Tell them to refer to the Animal Cruelty Act of Belize.
  • Make a note of the officer’s name and number, the police station you reported it to, the date and time reported.
  • Note the response. What did the police say?
  • Ask the police to call you back and tell you how they followed up.
  • Email that information to [/li]
  • This information will be forwarded to a central location in Belize City.

Thanks for caring for animals who depend on all of us for their humane treatment.

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